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Product Single

Ananas Comosus

Specification : MD2 & Smooth Cayenne

Botanic name : AGROEDEN

Certification : AGROEDEN

Packaging size:

  • Open Top Box: Net Weight/box: 12 kg.
  • 22 X U box: Net Weight/box: 22 Kg.

Pineapples have micronutrients that, according to experts, protect from cancer and strengthen the heart. Pineapple juice has diuretic properties and stimulates the kidneys while helping to eliminate body toxins. Additionally, bromelain enzymes have an anti-inflammatory effect that helps in arthritis, gout, swollen throat, or acute sinus and accelerates the healing process of wounds caused, either by accidents or by surgery.

The main characteristic of our pineapple is sweet flavor that contains the perfect amount of nutrients. Its juiciness is granted by the richness of the soil and the proper management of the field and crops, which favor an exemplary setting where our pineapples take root year after year.


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